Tailored tooling for objects on the move.

Create best in class Condition Reports, track special requests, and more. All from the Exhibii mobile app.

Prep at your desk. Add details on-site.

Exhibii moves with you, ensuring nothing is missed


Desktop for Data

Enter your data by hand, or put it all into our spreadsheet template and import it.
Then, update primary images, add tasks, and create media albums.
Finally, generate all your reports
From any web browser.

Mobile for images

Snap pictures of crates, objects, and galleries.
Check off your tasks, and handle special requests.
You can even compile your condition reports, including detail images
All from your iPhone or iPad!

Conquer your collaborative needs

Condition Reporting

Pictures are worth a thousand words. Our Condition Reporting App encourages detailed photos of damage, along with annotations.

Task tracking

Set up global tasks and track completion, or add special requests per object. No more playing telephone!


Exhibii stores everything on the cloud, and lets you share your objects. Cut the confusion, keep the collaboration.

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Transparent pricing for every institution.

Annual pricing available on request


Frequently Asked Questions

As a fine art services company, can I use exhibii?

Yes! While the original name is a nod towards exhibitors, the toolkit we have created has shown to be very valuable for anyone who's collaborating with collections owners. As a fine art services company, you might find even more value in exhibii.

Does exhibii have grants for free licenses?

Exhibii has not yet set up official grants for free licenses. We do value all institutions, and particularly those who help the next generation of collections professionals. If you are interested in discussing this further, feel free to email me at spencer@exhibii.net.

How can I share exhibii with someone else if they don't pay for it?

Exhibii has limited capabilities for free users! If you share a record with someone, they will be able to create an account with that email and view it, regardless of whether or not they pay. This means that you can share your condition reports with anyone, right from the site itself.

What does Priority support mean?

While we try to rapidly respond to all customer issues, we give extra priority to any improvements & development requests that come from our Pro users. We also guarantee an email response within 24 hours for any email sent during business hours (US hours), for our Pro uers.

Does the exhibii mobile app work with no internet connection?

The Exhibii mobile app does require an internet connection. While we have optimized it for spotty connections, we have not yet made it entirely offline capable. If this is an urgent need for you, please email Spencer at spencer@exhibii.net. This improvement is currently slated for 2024.